Seventh House Lord In Fourth House

7th house lord in 4th house
1)Before knowing the effect of 7th house lord in 4th house we have to know about Seventh house and Fourth house. As 7th house lord placed 10th from own house so you may read First house lord in 10th house.
2)7th house is bhavat bhavam for 4th house and 4th house is just 10th from 7th house so 7th lord placed in 4th house is indicating 7th house may gets natural strength. So it is good for natural significant of 7th house.

3)7th house belong to wife and its lord placed in 10th from own house which is indicating native’s wife may be independent lover or independent thinker. She doesn’t be under control of native. If it is in bad influence then she may be not so much obeying the words of native. Native’s wife may be working women. She may be earn for native. Native may be enjoying wealth of his wife. Or native may be getting materialistic happiness after marriage. In the other words Native may be fortunate after marriage.
4)4th house belong to mother land and 7th house belong to far away place from birthplace. So 7th lord in 4th house is indicating native may goes for foreign place related to his profession or for his study purpose depending on horoscope and significant of planet.
5)4th house belong to education when 7th house lord is placed in 4th house native may has good education. Native may be intelligent. 4th house also belong to happiness so 7th house lord in 4th house is indicating native may gets happiness of wife. Native may has happiness of children. 7th lord in 4th house is indicating native may has happiness of vehicle. Native may have property.
6)7th house lord in 4th house is indicating native may has good nature. Native may be truthful and religious.

7) If 7th lord in 4th house in bad influence then native may be suffering from marriage happiness.

8) 4th house belong to mother and 7th house is marak for native so it may cause marak for mother if in bad influence. So may be dispute with mother or health or lifespan problems for mother. In same manner it may also cause trouble from vehicle depending on planet significant.

9)7th house lord in 4th house is indicating native may be rich and wealthy in his family circle. Native may gets property from meternal family. Native may gets fame due to his son but may be it possible disattachment with son.
10) As 7th house is kaam kona and 4th house is house for mind so if 4th house is under influence of tamsic planet or sign then native may be sensual mind or mind may be very attraction towards sexual matters.
11) When 7th house lord with 4th house lord in 4th house native may has higher education. Native may goes for foreign or far away place many times. Native may has all sorts of materialistic happiness. Native may has many vehicle. Native has beautiful and good wife. Native may goes forigen for study purpose or for business. If not well placed then mother may has health problems. Native may be suffering from trouble due to vehicle or property. Native’s wife may has suspected nature.

12) If you want to know about effect of different planet in 4th house you may be read Planet in 4th house.

7th house lord in 4th house according to classical book of astrology

Brihat Parasar Hora Sastra

When 7th house lord is placed in 4th house, then his wife is not under control of Native. Native is always truthful. He is intelegent. He is religious. He may be suffering from disease related to teeth.

Vridh Yavan Jatak

If 7th house lord is placed in 4th house then Native will be fickle minded or sensual. He may has enemity with his father. He doesn’t has any affliction. His father may be harsh speaker. His father is take care by his wife.

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