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Phaldipika Chapter 19 Part 3

Phaldipika Chapter 19 part 3  18)During dasha of Sun, native will accumulating wealth with help of cruelty, king, war etc. Native may be suffering from loss through fire, four legged animals, disease of eyes or abdominal or teeth. He is facing sorrows due to issues of children or wife. He is facing separations from Guru…

Phaldipika Chapter 19 Part 2

Phaldipika Chapter 19 Part 2  5) When Sun is not well placed in horoscope then during Sun dasha, native will be facing dispute, enmity with king, sudden issues, sorrows due to health issues or obstacles to own people, dispute with own people, hot temper, loss of hidden wealth, issues to wife and sun and fear…

Phaldipika Chapter 19 Part 1

Phaldipika Chapter 19 Part 1  1)The great sage Parashra had done a lot of devotion to Navgrah and due to this he had got the divine knowledge of astrological prediction. Later he had created a great horashastra and tell us about great Vishonttary  Mahadasha. In this chapter i has given information about this Vishonttary dasha….