Phaldipika Chapter 19 Part 2

Phaldipika Chapter 19 Part 2 

5) When Sun is not well placed in horoscope then during Sun dasha, native will be facing dispute, enmity with king, sudden issues, sorrows due to health issues or obstacles to own people, dispute with own people, hot temper, loss of hidden wealth, issues to wife and sun and fear from fire.

6)If Sun is well placed then native shows their sharp and cruel attitude. He may getting wealth via king or travelling or via dispute. He may visiting mountain area or forest area. He may getting huge fame and victory. He may be always active regarding own work.

7)During moon dasha, native will be happy. He will getting success over his work. His live hood will be good. He will be getting happiness of son and wife. He will be getting comfort of cloths, ornaments, property, and cattle. He will be getting chance to welcome learned people.

8)For moon dasha we have always take care of Paksha bal of Moon. After amavsya to Shukal dashmi , moon will be gives medium results, from shukla dashmai to krishna panchami gives best results. And from krishna panchami to Amavsya gives least results.

9) During mars dasha, native will be earn via fiery work or via king or via fight, or surgery, or via false speaking, or frauds or via cruel acts. Native may be suffering from pitta or blood related issues or fever. He will be interested in wicked women. He has dispute with own wife or son or relatives or elders or guru. His hardwork will give profit to others.

10) During Mercury dasha, native will get new friends, happiness of friends, materialistic happiness, birth of kids, blessings by learned people, name and fame, getting teacher or guru, home, happiness of speech, being free from any matters, helping others, happiness of wife and kids, getting importance and being skillful.

11) During Jupiter dasha, native will do religious work, getting supports from king, getting supports by elders or guru, getting children, fulfill his desires, honored by reputed people or king, getting vehicles or elephants or horse, his women or kids or friend’s desires will be fulfilled.

12) During Venus dasha, native’s materialistic happiness will improve. He will getting good vehicles. He will getting wealth of cow, ornaments, money, happiness of women, he will active to get knowledge, he will getting happiness of traveling from water, doing welfare acts, getting huge name and fame from king.

13) During Saturn dasha, native and his family will suffering from disease.  He may be suffering from windly or vata disease. He may be suffering from losses in his agriculture. He may facing false allegations. He may be interested in wicked women. He may be facing sudden detachment with family or going to sudden in foreign place. He has lack of happiness of own people or land or vehicles.

14) During Rahu dasha, native may facing issues from kings or thief or poison or fire or fears from weapons or sorrows from son, confusion in mind, loss of relatives, insult by wicked people, blaming, change in place, demotion, loss of his acts.

15) If Rahu is associated with auspicious house lord and placed in auspicious house then dasha will be very good.  Native will getting fulfillment of all his desires, home, materialistic happiness, prosperity like king, accumulation of all sorts of wealth including movable or immovable, and name and fame.

16) If Rahu is placed in virgo, scorpion, or pisces sign then during dasha of rahu native will get huge happiness, power and position, kingdom, best vehicles, support via public, but as the dasha ending all will be lost.

17) During the dasha of Ketu, native may be facing fear from thief or enemies, sorrows from king, wounds or cuts via weapons, issues due to body heat, false allegations, blaming for own family, fear from fire and leave his home.









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