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Tips of the day – 01/10/18

Tips of the day – 01/10/18  Rahu is karak of Maya when it is associated with Venus then it is capable to give awesome wealth to the native. At least he is assumed as wealthy person in the society.

Tips of the day – 29/09/18

Tips of the day – 29/09/18  Sun is karak of bones. When Sun is aspected by Saturn then it may possible some sort of issues regarding bones of Native. The sign (where this relationship is happening), is giving indication regarding body parts of native which may be damaged.

Tips of the day – 28/09/18

Tips of the day – 28/09/18  Mercury is karak of Intelligence. And it’s biggest enemies is Ketu and Mars. So association with Mars and Ketu with Mercury may cause for lack of Intelligence. But it’s not always true, Mercury relationship with Mars and Ketu can make a good calculative person or mathematician or give a …

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Tips of the day – 21/09/18

Tips of the day – 21/09/18 Moon and Mars both are blood karak planet. If both Moon and Mars is associated with Jupiter then chance of suffering from cholesterol issues is very high. So practical remedy is do daily physical workout and some sort of breathing exercises such as Pranayam etc.