7th House Lord In Third House

7th house lord in 3rd house

1) Before knowing the effect of 7th house lord in 3rd house we have to know about Seventh House and Third house. As 7th house lord placed 9th from own house so you may read First house lord in 9th house.
2) 7th house and 3rd house are 9th & 5th from each other so it may seems good regarding natural significant of both 7th and 3rd house. But apart from this is also combination of marak house lord and dussthan house which may not consider good.

3)3rd house occupy 5th house lord from own house which may be considered good regarding 3rd house matters. 3rd house belong to brothers so 7th house lord in 3rd house is indicating native younger siblings may be fortunate. As 7th house also belong to foreign land or far away place from birthplace so native ‘s younger siblings may living far away place from native. If not well placed 7th house lord in 3rd house then younger siblings may not fortunate.
4) 3rd house belong to self efforts and when 7th house lord placed in 3rd house it may indicating native may gets success in his professional life through their own efforts.
5) 7th house belong to foreign place or far away place and 3rd house belong to short travel so 7th house lord in 3rd house is indicating native may goes for short time travel for foreign place or places far away from birthplace. Most of time this journey related to professional purpose because 7th house is also belong to karma sthan.
6)7th house lord in 3rd house may also indicating native may earn through forigen place. Native may be work on media or communication related area. It may also possible native doesn’t have satisfaction
regarding own income or profession.
7)3rd and 7th house both are kaam kona so 7th house lord in 3rd may cause some Sexual problems. Actually 3rd house is indicating native sperms counting in a horoscope. If 7th house lord placed in 3rd house is affiliated or not well placed then it may cause problems related to productivity of child. According to sage it may possible Native may gets a girl children from difficulty. And she may be survive. It may also possible death of boy children. But all this evil results may be depending on other matters. Overall it may also indicating child birth capacity of native.

8)When 3rd house lord with 7th house lord in 3rd house then Native’s wife may be from good family. Her father may also fortunate. If this combination may be not well placed then native siblings may be in trouble or if very badly placed then it may cause death of siblings.

9)3rd house may be marak house for father so if 7th house lord which is also 11th from 9th house may cause health or trouble of life span of father.

10)If you want to know effect of planet in 3rd house then you may read Planet in 3rd house.

7th house lord in 3rd house according to classical book of astrology

Brihat Parasar Hora Sastra

When 7th house lord is placed in 3rd house then Native may be deviod from happiness of wife. He may be getting difficulty to become father of son. His wife may be dead. He has little children.

Vridh Yavan Jatak

When 7th house lord in 3rd house, then native is full with internal self strength. He may be dear to his relatives. He may be suffering from sorrows. His wife may be beautiful, house wife and inclination towards Gods. If 7th house lord is natural malific then he lives in own house ( father house).

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