Ketu In Fifth House

Ketu In 5th House

1)Before Knowing the  effect of Ketu in 5th house first we have to know about Ketu and 5th house.
2)Ketu is natural Melific when ketu occupy 5th house its create Putra Dosh (5th house belongs to children). Native may face problem regarding child birth. It may be late child birth or trouble in child birth. If Ketu is also afflicted with other neuter planet then it may cause Native doesn’t have any children.If ketu is badly placed then evil effect may increase.  If ketu is in better position then evil effect may be reduce.

3)Ketu in 5th house is also not good for children health. Child may be faces health problem or accidents depanding on chart. If ketu is in bad influence then native may faces loss of child from above region. Ketu is a planet of disattchment there may be disattchment between native or child may be live away from native.

4)5th house also belongs to mentality. Ketu belongs to violence, explosivness, emotinol tension, immorality so according ketu quality native have same mentality. Native may be evil minded or unstable mind.

5)If ketu is wellplaced and influence of jupiter or saturn or may be in watery sign or simply any indication regarding spirituality then native may be spiritual or religious.

6) According to old classical book ketu in 5th native may be suffering from sorrow due to Evil spirits(goblins).
7)5th house belongs to abdomen when Ketu occupy 5th house native may be face problem regarding abdomen. If chart indicating native may be suffering from operation for abdomen problem.

8)Native may have weak health and suffering from disease. He may be very panic creating person.

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  1. Your observations regarding saturn.sun.budha in 5 the house is 200 percent right and also regarding ketu in 5 th house also very specifically right..In my kundali 5 thhouse sun.ketu .mercury and Saturn conjunction Iam enjoying last 58 dob 19 Jan 63 and place poona city Maharashtra time11.35 pm for u r study…

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