Effect Of Second House Lord In Fifth House

2nd house lord in 5th house

1)Before knowing the effect of 2nd lord in 5th house we have to know about 2nd house and 5th house. As 2nd house lord in 5th house is just away 4th from own house so you may also read 1st lord in 4th house.

Effect of 2nd house lord in 5th house according to classical book of astrology

Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra

When 2nd house lord in 5th house, native may be endorsed with good wealth. He will earn wealth with morality. His children has also good morality regarding earning.

Vridha Yavanjatakam

When 2nd house lord in 5th house native will be cheap in expenses. He will be a person who helping others in his sorrows. He will be religious. He will be endowed with a lots of money earn by truthful ways. He may be hard from heart.


2)2nd lord belongs to wealth and  5th house belongs to native past life good deeds which indicating native may be fortunate regarding wealth due to past life punya .He gets success in his attempt to earn wealth.  Means native may gets help  from previous punya  to getting wealth. It may also indicating native may gets ancient wealth. If 2nd lord is afflicted in 5th house or 5th house is own self afflicted then good results may decrease.

3)2nd house lord in 5th house aspects 11th house of profit which is other indication of Dhan yog so native may gets good profit and wealth.

4)5th house belongs to speculation or other unexpected way of earning so lord of wealth in 5th house is indicating native may gets unexpected wealth or sudden profit from unexpected source such as lottery, stock market ,speculation, government blessings, or other way .

5)5th house belongs to children and lord of wealth placed in 5th house so native may earn through help of his children. Such as native may working with his children or running his business with the name of children or children may earn for him.

6)5th house is 4th from 2nd house which is indicating happiness from wealth so 2nd house lord in 5th house is indicating native may be able to use his wealth regarding getting happiness. He gets all sorts of materialistic happiness through own wealth.

7)2nd house belongs to speech and 5th house belongs to mantras so native is well in mantra pronunciation. He may has mantra siddhi with the help of vaak sidhi. As 2nd house belongs to family or starting education and 5th house belongs to Vidhya so native may gets some family’s traditional Vidhya. As 5th house belongs to Ved  or any other such type of knowledge so 2nd house lord in 5th house is indicating native may makes wealth through some vedic activity or trusts or organization.

8)5th house belongs to emotion or mentality and 2nd house belongs to speech so native’s speech may has impact of his emotions. Native may try to be good and polite from his speech. He is very sensitive in speech.

9)As same condition may be applicable regarding facial attraction because 2nd house belongs to face and skin and it is placed in 5th house so native have gets happiness of his facial attraction. He may be physically attractive regarding face. Means native may be good in looking.

10) 5th house belongs istdev or faith so wealth lord in 2nd house is indicating native may expenses his wealth on religious activities or his faithful activity.

11)5th house belongs to intelligence and lord of wealth is placed in house of intelligence so native may earn wealth through his intelligence.

12) When 5th house lord with 2nd house lord in 5th house then native’s children may be wealthy. He gets profit from his children. He gets profit from intelligence work.

13)If you want to know about effect of planet in 5th house you may read Planet in 5th house.


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