Taurus Ascendant

Taurus Ascendant or Vrish Lagan
1)When your rising falls in Taurus sign then you belongs to Tarush Ascendant.

2)Meaning of Taurus Ascendant
1st house— Taurus Sign — Lord Venus.
2nd house— Gemini Sign –Lord Mercury.
3rd house—- Cancer Sign —Lord Moon.
4th house —– Leo Sign —— Lord Sun.
5th house —– Virgo Sign —–Lord Mercury.
6th House—— Libra Sign —–Lord Venus.
7th house —- Scorpion Sign —Lord Mars.
8th house —- Sagittarius Sign —Lord Jupiter.
9th house —- Capricorn Sign —-Lord Saturn.
10th house — Aquarius Sign —Lord Saturn.
11th house — Pisces rashi–Lord Jupiter.
12th house — Aries rashi — Lord Mars.
So Lagan Lord is Venus.

3) Beneficial Planet for Taurus Ascendant —-
Saturn —- It is also yogkarak planet for Taurus Ascendant because it is lord of Kendra (10th house) and Kona (9th House).
Mercury —- Lord of 5th house also Virgo is Mooltrikona sign of Mercury and Mercury is natural friend of  lagan Lord Venus.

Neutral planet

Sun — Sun is lord of 4th house (Kendra) and it is natural Malefic as kendradipati rule (being lord of Kendra and natural malefic Consider as beneficial) so it is beneficial. But as Sun is natural enemy of venus so it is treated as neutral for Taurus Ascendant.
Mars — Mars is lord of 12th house and 7th house. It is neutral For Taurus Ascendant. As it 7th house lord ship is under Kendradipati Dosh(means beneficial) and 12th lord ship(Means malefic) also mars is neutral For venus .So for Taurus Mars is Neutral planet.
Venus —- Venus is lagan Lord but its Mooltrikona Sign Libra Falls in 6th house (Dussthan) so it is become Neutral For Taurus Ascendant.

Malefic Planet

Jupiter—Jupiter is lord of 8th and 11th house so it is worse melefic for Taurus Ascendant. Jupiter is also natural enemy of Venus. 

Moon —- Moon is also malefic for Taurus Ascendant as lord of 3rd house.

—- Basically 2nd and 7th house is Marak and its lord is Markesh so according to rule Mars and Mercury is Markesh for Taurus Ascendant. But it is seen Jupiter and Mars play a great role for Marak effect for Taurus Ascendant.
4)Body Physique  ——-

As we know that 1st house has big role in body physique, For Taurus Ascendant 1st house is Taurus sign and lord is venus so its depand on both.

So they may short in heights. They may have handsome face (due to Gemini Sign in 2nd house which  indicating face), Healthy body, Good lips, eyes and ears.

Taurus is a Earthy rashi so Generally they may be suffering from Vatta (Air+ Ether) Dosh.

Air is most enemy of Earth element. 

5) Mentalities — Mentality belongs to 1st and 5th house and Lagan lord.

So Taurus Ascendant mentality effect by Taurus sign, Virgo sign and Venus.

So They may be music, beauty and Arts lover.

They are intelligent for mind( due to Virgo sign in 5th house which is Mooltrikona of mercury) and Money making minded.They have their own and fixed principle (Due to Taurus sign  which is Fixed Sign in 1st house of brain). They behaved just like Purvagrahi, Jiddi,Adiyal type from attitude. But their approach is Sweet, Practical and aggressive .They are full with self confident, Passions, Strength(Both physical and Mental). Generally they are Lazy but when involve in work they continue grow up and get aggressive. They are proudy. 

They have good learning capacity (Intelligence house 5th house has Virgo sign ).

They are hot from internal mind (Leo in 4th house). This  is also indicating their aggressiveness (Both working and Thinking).They are panic minded (Virgo dual rashi, 5th house). They use their own thought in their work culture and making principle.

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