Gemini Ascendant 

Gemini Ascendant or Mithun Lagan 

1)When your rising Sign (Udit Lagan on eastern horizon) is Gemini Sign then You belongs to Gemini Ascendant. 

2)Meaning of Gemini Ascendant —-
1st house is Gemini Sign and it’s lord is Mercury, so Lagan lord is also Mercury.
2nd house is Cancer sign and lord is Moon.
3rd House is Leo sign and Lord is Sun.
4th house is Virgo sign and Lord is Mercury.
5th house is Libra sign and Lord is venus.
6th house is scorpion sign and Lord is Mars.
7th house is Sagittarious sign and Lord is Jupiter.
8th house is Capricorn sign and Lord is Saturn.
9th House is Aquarius sign and Lord is Saturn.
10th house is Pisces sign and Lord is Jupiter.
11th house is Aries sign and Lord is Mars.

12th House is Taurus sign and Lord is Venus.

3) Beneficial Planet for Gemini
Venus — Venus is only benefice Planet for Gemini. Venus is lord of 5th house (Also Mooltrikona rashi libra falls in 5th house for Gemini) and 12th House. Venus is also natural Friend for Mercury (Lagan lord).

Malefic Planet for Gemini  Ascendant 
Mars — Mars is worst malefic for Gemini Ascendant. Mars is lord of 11th house and 6th house and also Mars is natural enemy of Mercury.
Jupiter — Jupiter is lord of two Kendra house (7th and 10th) so as per as Kendradipati dosh jupiter is Malefic for Gemini. Also Mercury is enemy for Jupiter. But as Jupiter is neutral for Mercury so it is also bad for Gemini Ascendant.

Sun — Sun is lord of 3rd house so it is Malefic for Gemini.

Neutral Planet for Gemini Ascendant
Mercury —- Mercury is Lagan lord but also lord of 4th house (It is also Mooltrikona rashi of Mercury) so
as per as Kendradipati Dosh mercury become malefic. So at same time it is benefice and malefic so it is consider Neutral for Gemini.

Saturn — Saturn is also lord of 8th house (Malefic) and 9th house (Benefice) so it is also consider Neutral.

Moon—-Moon is lord of 2nd house so it is treated as Neutral.

 Marak —Moon and Jupiter is Marak for Gemini as per as rule. But Mars is giving very worst results regarding Marak point also some time saturn in the same role.

4)Body Physique — For Gemini Ascendant 1st house has Gemini Sign and lord is mercury. So they have Medium /average in heights ( because Gemini represent medium heights). They have good developed face (Both 1st and 2nd house belongs to good look and beauty of face). They have Charming face( Mercury is planet of charming on skins  and cancer 2nd house for face is also charming rashi).

They have also beautiful or appealing Eyes (Due to cancer as 2nd lord and also Taurus 12th lord because both houses represent eyes). 

Health — As Gemini is a Airy sign , So their body has major element is Air(Vayu Pradhanta).

Mercury is lagan lord but it is earthy planet.

6th house is Scorpion Sign which is Watery rashi.

So it is giving Sama (Mixed) Dosh to Gemini Ascendant.

Speacialy Vata Dosh is major problem for Gemini. Asthma or such type problem is Generally found in Gemini Ascendant. 

5) Mentalities, Behaviour, Nature

Mentality belongs to 1st and 5th house. Both house have Airy sign. So airy quality is seen in Gemini People.

Air is unstable, Easy to go any where, Movable type so Gemini native are Unstable minded, Fickle nature, easy to reach any person (Good in friendship ).

As libra sign in 5th house which is indicating Balance mentality and very practical mentality .

For Gemini Ascendant all Kendra are dual rashi so this tends their dual approach in all their work  (Mind, Relation, Work). So they are dual minded, and Not concentrate in any work.

For Gemini ascendant  2nd house is cancer sign and lagan lord is mercury so they have Sweeness in speech.

Leo sign in 3rd house (“house of Communication “) makes them aggressive in communication.

Virgo sign in  4th house give a intelligent mind.

Libra Sign in 5th house gives him easily approaching capacity.

So Gemini are good in communication, Intelligent, Argumentative, and sweet in speaking. They have logical and philosopher approach. But this approach also make them problem creator (Also their dual approach have contribution regarding this).

Air sign and mercury also make him good in learning.
Generally they are  like to clean and clear cloths means inclined to clearness or cleanness in any matter.
As per as Gemini symbol they are attracted towards opposite gender.

Air sign in 1st and 5th house also make him Volatile in nature and Working first in place of thinking.

One thought on “Gemini Ascendant 

  1. If 8th lord sani is placed in 2nd house for gemini ascendant. What would be the effects
    2nd house lord moon is in 12th house conjuct with jupiter.
    Sani is in mercury star.
    Mercury is placed in 5th house conjuct with rahu ravi and mars
    So how would be this persons sani dasa
    This person is involved in extra marital affairs. Will it be continued or he will come out of it? If yes when..

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