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Ketu In Twelfth House

Ketu In Twelfth House 1)Before knowing the effect of Ketu in 12th house we have to known about Ketu and 12th house. 2)As 12th house belongs to eyes so when ketu is occupying 12th house, native may has eye sights related problems or any eye disease.   3)12th house belongs to foreign land and ketu …

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Venus And Rahu Conjunction

Effect Of Venus And Rahu Conjunction 1) Venus and Rahu are assumed friends to each other so Venus and Rahu conjunction are consider good for both planet significant. But for native, it may gives some negative results. 2) Native may be sensual in nature. Native may be attracted towards woman. Native may has affairs. 3) …

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Sun In Tenth House

Sun In Tenth House 1)Before knowing the effect of Sun in 10th house first we have to know about Sun and 10th house. 2)Sun in 10th house is consider auspicious due to digbal of Sun in 10th house. 3)10th house is our karam sthan and Sun in 10th house is indicating native may be getting …

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