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Yog For Duel Marriage

1)If 7th house lord and Venus in duel sign or duel Navansh sign then dual marriage is possible.  2) Mercury or Saturn in 7th house and 2 planet in 11th house then Native may has 2 wife.  3)7th house lord with natural beneficial planet in own debilitating sign or enemy sign and same time either …

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Happy Marriage Life

As we know that Karak of Marriage is 7th house, 7th house lord and Venus.  So for Happy Marriage life all 3 must be in good condition. Means  1)7th house lord may not placed in dusthan, not aspects by dusthan lord. Not associated with natural malific Ketu, Rahu, Mars and Saturn.  7th house lord is …

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Timing Of Marriage

Timing Of Marriage Marriage is considered as fixed/non fixed karma. So any body can try to delay his marriage by own hard self will. Just like that many people don’t want to marry at that time when his marriage time is running and after few year he want to marriage but that time his marriage …

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