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Mercury And Jupiter Conjunction In Fourth House

Effect of Mercury And Jupiter Conjunction in 4th house

1) Before knowing the effect of Mercury and Jupiter conjunction in 4th house we have to know about Mercury in 4th house, Jupiter in 4th house and Mercury and Jupiter conjunction.

2) When Jupiter and Mercury placed in 4th house than native may be kind and liberal from nature. He may be helpful from nature. He may be sincere and clever from nature. He has good manner and conduct.

3) 4th house is house of education. When both karak of education is conjunct in 4th house than native may has good education. He may be very good in learnings. He may be interested in gaining knowledge from various sources. He may be natural teacher. He may be studied in MBA or other management related study.

4) Native may be intelligent and wise. He may be sharp minded and good in calculation. He may be expert in tricks. He may be eloquent speaker. He may be diplomate from nature. He may be good salesman, good manager or good speaker or representative.

5) Native has good social fame. He may be capable to give influence over public. He may be getting help from relatives and friends. He has good respect among his own friends circle. He may be popular due to his own qualities. He may be getting support from goverment.

6) 4th house belongs to mother. When Jupiter and Mercury placed in 4th house than native may has good relationship with his mother. Native has good attachment with his mother. Native’s mother may be good looking and sincere lady. She may be religious lady. She has good materialistic comfort.

7) Native may be wealthy and rich. He has good materialistic comfort. He has own vehicle and home. He has good comfortable life. He has good sexual comfort. He may be comfort lover and interested in entertainment such as outing or film etc.

8) Native may be religious from mind. He may be balance minded. He has good philosopher attitude. He may be inclined towards religious and spiritual activates.

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