Moon In Third House For Pisces Ascendant

Moon in 3rd house in Taurus Sign For Pisces Ascendant

1)Before knowing the effect of Moon in 3rd house in Taurus sign for Pisces ascendant we have to know about Moon in 3rd house, Moon in Taurus sign and 5th house lord in 3rd house.

2) Native may be handsome by looks and his eyes may be small like bulls. He has good physical and Mental strength. He has good happiness and convinces in his life. He may like comfortable life styles.

3) Native may be hard worker and having good passions. He may be rigid and fixed minded but having practical approach. Native may has revenge taking attitude and doesn’t forgot his enemy very easily. He may be travel lover and fickle minded.

4) Native may be expert in speaking and bold in communication. Native may be good in oral learning. He has very good memory power regarding remembering words and use it at proper time.

5) Native may be getting good knowledge by own self efforts. He has very good imaginative and creative works.

6) Native may has good happiness of his siblings. He has many siblings. His siblings may has good name and fame. They have good success in life. Siblings may be rich and wealthy. Siblings may be active in politics. Native may get good respect from his siblings and native may be caring towards his siblings.

7) Native may has many children. His children has good name and fame and success in his life. Native may be more attached towards his mother.

8)If you want to know more about Pisces ascendant then read this link.

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