Eleventh House Lord In Fourth House

11th house lord in 4th house

1) Before knowing the effect of 11th house lord in 4th house we have to know about Eleventh House and Fourth house. As 11th house lord is placed just 6th from own house so you may read First house lord in 6th house.

2) According to Brihat Parasara Hora Shastra 

लाभेशे सुखभावस्थे लाभो मातृकुलाद् भवेत्।
तीर्थयात्रा करो जातो गृहभूमिसुखान्वितः।।

When 11th house lord goes to 4th house then native may be gets benefit through maternal family. Native may goes to travel to religious place. Native may be gets happiness from home and land.

Vridh Yavan Jatak  

 When 11th house lord in 4th house, native’s father will be long lived. Native is more attached to his father. He will be smart in acts according to time. He will be able to make profit via on work.


3) 11th house is house for profit and 4th house is house of comfort so 11th house lord in 4th house is indicating native may be obtaining all sorts of happiness. Native may has many servants for serve him. Native may gets many types of materialistic happiness.

4)4th house belong to home and 11th house belong to profit so it may indicating native may has happiness of home. Native may be earned profits through land or real estate or agriculture.

5) 4th house belong to conveyance of vehicle and 11th house lord placed in 4th house is indicating native may has good happiness through vehicle. Native may have many vehicles and gets profits from it.

6) 4th house belong to mind and 11th house lord in 4th house is indicating native is very materialistic. Native is purely money minded person.

7) 4th house belong to education and 11th house lord which belong to growth is indicating native may gets very good education. Native may also gets benefit to obtaining education such as scholarship, awards, name and fame.

8) 4th house belong to mother so if 11th house lord is placed in 4th house native mother may be well cultured women. Native may gets profits through maternal sides including his mother. 11th house lord in 4th house  is also indicating native may gets a fortunate wife and charming wife.

9) 11th house is belong to native happiness regarding life span (ayu) and it is placed in 6th from own house (11th house) which is not consider good. But if well placed then its not bad. But if afflicted then its cause problems related to accident and nature of accidents related to planet natural significant. For example a afflicted Venus may cause accident related to vehicle. Native may has some mental stress.

10) When 4th house lord with 11th house lord then native is wealthy. Native may gets all sorts of physical and materialistic happiness. Native may be very well educated and gets scholarship and awards related to education. Native may be very popular and famous. Native may be gets good earnings through land, house, real estate, vehicles etc. Native may has good domestic happiness. Native’s mother may be popular and well cultured lady and native may have great impact of his mother. Native may be gets maternal property.

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