Eleventh House Lord In Fifth House

11th house lord in 5th house

1) Before knowing the effect of 11th house lord in 5th house we have to know about Eleventh House  and Fifth House. As 11th house lord is placed in 5th house which is 7th from own house so you may read First house lord in 7th house.

2) According to Brihat Parasar Hora Shastra 

लाभेशे सुतभावस्थे भवन्ति सुखिनः सुताः।
विद्यवन्तोअपि  सच्छीलाः स्वयं धर्मरतः सुखी।।

When 11th house lord is goes to 5th house native’s children will be happy. They (children) may also be educated and virtuous or having good morality. Native own self will be inclined toward religion and will be happy.

Vridh Yavan Jatak

When 11th house lord goes to 5th house, native and his father both are very attached to each other. Both father and son are skillful and equal in qualities. His child will be long lived.


3)11th house lord in 5th house is placed just 7th from own house which is making samsaptak relationship which is not consider good. But lord of labha sthan place in most auspicious house which is belong to past life good deeds. So native may be progress in both prosperity and spirituality matters. It’s also a good dhan making combination in horoscope.

4) 5th house belong to children and 11th house belong to gain so 11th house lord in 5th house is indicating native has many children. It may also indicating his children may be well and gets good success in his life in comparison with native own self. Native may also gain through children. So it’s also indicating growth of financial status after marriage. But if 11th house lord is affiliated in 5th house then it may cause trouble reading health of children (because 11th house is also 7th from 5th house).

5)5th house belong to religious faith so 11th house lord in 5th house is indicating native may be very religious. Native may has inclination towards mantra and getting Vidhya. Native may be wise and more emotional (type of emotional nature depending on planet natural significant and sign natural significant). Some time connection with 7th house may cause love marriage.

6) 11th house lord in 5th house is indicating native may be gets good wealth and profit in his life. Native may also successful in his life regarding materialistic happiness.

7)5th house also belong to speculation so 11th house lord in 5th house is indicating profits through speculation. So native may be earn through stock market, investment, gambling or other such type of activity.

8) when 5th house lord with 11th house lord in 5th house native is very wealthy. Native may gets very fast spiritual progress or religious improvement. Native has best children. Native may earn through speculation or investment. If afflicted then it may cause death of children. Native may has mental stress.

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