Saturn In Sixth House According To Classical Book Of Astrology

Saturn in 6th house


When Saturn in 6th house, Native may be over eating behavior. He may be rich but enemies may cause trouble in his life. He may be crooked and proudy.

Jatak Parijat

When Saturn in 6th house, Native will be many sorts of issues. He may be crooked in conduct. He may be wealthy but suffering from fears. He may be sensual.


When Saturn in 6th house, native may be very sensual. He has good phsique. He may be very brave. He may over eating nature. He has harsh behavior. He has many enimies.


Saturn in 6th house, one who is struck by arrows, stones, swords, falls, wind-diseases, and blows with both fists.

Vridh YavanJatak

When Saturn in 6th house, native destroy his all enemies. He may be dear to king. He may be good looking and best eating habits. He has comfort of ornaments and vehicles. He may following rightness acts and best mentality.

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