Sixth House Lord In Fourth House

6th house lord in 4th house

1) Before knowing the effect of 6th house lord in 4th house we have know about Sixth house and Fourth
house. As sixth house lord is placed 11th from own house so you may read First House lord in 11th house.2) 4th house is upachay house for 6th house so 6th lord in 11th house is indicating 6th house lord gain
strength in 4th house. So in general view it is not consider good in 4th house. A powerful 6th lord is not
good in 4th house because it’s bringing a lots of obstacles in native’s comfortable life.

3)6th house belong to obstacles and disturbances and 4th house belong to study and education so 6th lord
in 4th house is indicating native may face obstacles in study. If well placed then native may study law related study.

4)6th house belong to enemy and 4th house belong to happiness so 6th lord in 4th house may cause native may loss his happiness due to enemy. Enemy may creating fear in native mind because 6th belong to fears and 4th belong to mind. In simple way it is not good for peace of mind. Actually native may be suffering floods of thoughts because in kalpurush chart 6th house lord Mercury is placed on Cancer sign which owner is Moon. So if well placed then native generates a good and useful thoughts. But if ill placed then it may be cause of negative thoughts. Overall it is indicating a restless mind. So this combination may cause disease
related to mind. Native may be suffering from lungs related problems, may have blood related problems, may have heart related problems.

5)4th house belong to mother and it is occupy 3rd lord from 4th house which is not good regarding mother’s health. Native mother may be suffering from humiliation or disfame or may have dispute with family. Native mother may be courgeous or brave in nature or may be fighter in nature. Native mother may be dispute with his younger siblings. As 6th house lord is placed in 4th house of native so it may be possible due to dussthan lord placed in 4th house of mother so native may have thought differences with mother. Native may be lives separate from mother.

6)6th house belong to mamaji and 4th house belong to happiness of native so a well placed 6th lord in 4th house is indicating native may be gets profit from his mama. As 4th house also belong to agriculture so native mama may be farmer.

7)4th house belong to real estate or property and 6th house belong to dispute so 6th Lord in 4th house Is indicating native may be suffering from dispute regarding property. Native may not have good house for
living. It may also cause for legal problems in paternal property. If 6th Lord is excellent then native have a big house for living.

8)4th house belong to vehicle and 6th house belong to accident, legal problems or dispute so 6th lord in
4th house may cause for problems related to vehicle according to planet nature.9)6th house belong to debits so 6th lord in 4th house is indicating native may be in mental stress due to

10)4th house is also belong to father life span so 6th lord in 4th house is not also good Father health and
life span.

11)6th house lord in 4th house may cause dispute from servants or home mad.

12)If 6th lord is well placed in 4th house then native may attract opposite gender.

13) When 4th lord with 6th lord in 4th house native mother may have health problems. Native may face dispute within his family property or other real estate. Native may be suffering in his study. Native may have mental stress or not have good comfortable life. Native may facing accidents.

14)If you want to know about planet in 4th house then you may read Planet in 4th house.
6th house lord in 4th house according to classical book of Astrology
Brihat Parasar Hora Sastra
When 6th house lord in 4th house, Native has lack of happiness of Mother. He may be taleberear. He may be jelious in nature. He may be deep thinker. He may be fickle minded. He may be very wealthy.
Vridh YavanJatak
When 6th house lord in 4th house, native may has enemity with his father. His father may be sick in health. He may has few Children. He may be wealthy after very late time.

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