Phaldipika Chapter 8 Part 8

Effect of Rahu in different house

25) When Rahu in lagan, native will be short lifed. He may be Wealthy. He may be very brave. He may be suffering from issues regarding upper body limbs.

When Rahu in 2nd house, native will be not stable in own words. He may be suffering from disease related to mouths. He may be wicked. He may getting profit via government. He may be angry in nature but happy regarding Materialist comfort.

When Rahu in 3rd house, native will be proudy in nature. He has dispute with his siblings. He may be rigide by nature. He may be longlived and brave.

When Rahu in 4th house, native will be idiot, suffering from sorrows. He has good friends. He may be short lifed. He may be happy in just few times.

26) When Rahu in 5th house, then native will be speaking with nose. He may be deviod from happiness of children. He may be hard hearted. He may be suffering from disease related to abdomen.

When Rahu in 6th house and associated with natural malefic planet then Native may be suffering from disease related to anus. Otherwise native will be wealthy with awesome prosperity and long lived.

When Rahu in 7th house, Native will be lose his money via association with women. His wife may be dead. He may has without sperm power. He may be independent but lack of intelegency.

When Rahu in 8th house, Native will be short lived. He may be involved in immoral acts. He is always wandering nature. He will be suffering from Vata related issues. He has few children.

27)When Rahu in 9th house, Native will be harsh and opposite in speaking. He may be lord of town or village. He is very Punyatma.

Rahu in 10th house, Native will be famous. He has few Children. He may be involved in outcast acts or acts of others. He may be deviod from rightness acts. He may be without any fears.

Rahu in 11th house, Native has very good prosperity and name & fame. He has children. He may be long lived. He may has issues in his ears.

Rahu in 12th house, Native has doing sinful acts secret ways. He may has many sorts of expenses. He may be suffering from disease which is due to water.

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