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Fifth House Lord In Sixth House

5th House Lord In 6th house 
1)Before knowing the effect of 5th house lord in 6th house we have to know about Sixth House and Fifth House. As Fifth house placed 2nd from own house so you may read First house lord in 2nd house.
2)In general way 5th lord in 6th house is not considered good because 5th house belong to past life good deeds and 6th house is one of dusthan and trik house. So it is assumed that native is born with his past life bad deeds. This is indicating native may have to face struggles in this life and his life is full with struggles. Means Native doesn’t enjoying a easy going life.

3)5th house is belong to children and it is placed in one of dusthan and it is also 2nd from 5th means a marak house for 5th house so it is not good regarding children. If 5th house lord is badly placed in 6th house then it may cause arist(bad) for children. Native’s children may have health problems because 6th house Carry disease. There may be death of children or native may not have children. Native may adopt children from mamaji. If 5th house lord is well placed then evil effect may reduce and native may have children. His children may earn well and become wealthy because 5th lord is placed in 2nd from own means wealth house of children.
4)5th house belong to children and 6th house is house of dispute and fighting so it may possible Native may have enmity with his children. Native may be facing dispute from his children or may be thoughts differences between both.

5)6th house belong to mamaji so 5thlord in 6th house is indicating native’s mamaji may become famous. His mamaji may be luxurious life style.
6)5th lord in 6th house is indicating native may be suffering from disease. 5th house belong to abdomen so its lord in 6th house may cause for abdominal problems. Native may have urinary bladder problems.
Native may have anus and gut related disease. Native may have any eye related problems if luminous planet is also affiliated. Native may have hair falls problems or any blood related disease.
7)6th house belong to struggles and enemy so 5th Lord in 6th house is indicating native may facing a lots of struggles in his life. His enemy may created problems for his life path.
8)5th house belong to mentality so 5th lord in 6th house is  indicating native have some hidden mentality means as 6th house lord in kalpurush horoscope is Virgo which shows some shy mentality that’s why it is not easy to know actually mentality of native. Means native shows different mentality but actually he are different mentality from inner side. Native may be false speaker. Native may be rude and violence maker in nature. If well placed then native may be very logical . He is well skilled in law and tricks. What ever the placement but native is must be argumentive because mentality lord is placed in house of arguments.

9)5th house belong to faith and 6th is one of paapsthan so native may not have so much faith on religion. He doesnot following religion.
10)5th Lord in 6th house may cause for trouble in marriage such as delay in marriage, out caste marriage, marriage with any foreign women etc. Native may be suffering in marriage relationship.
11)When 5th lord with 6th lord in 6th house native’s mamaji is very famous and wealthy. Native gets profit from mamaji. Native may become a powerful person. If Native is in politics then he gets political power.If well placed then native is very harsh in crushing his enemy. If not well placed then native suffering from his mentality problems and many diseases attacks on him. Native is suffering a lots of disease.
13) If you want to know about effect of different planet in 6th house you may read Planet in 6th house.

5th house lord in 6th house according to classical book of Astrology 

Brihat Parasar Hora Sastra 

If 5th house lord in 6th house then his children maybe equal to enemy. Either his children is dead or adopted children or wealthy children.

Vridh Yavan Jatak 

If natural malific as 5th house lord in 6th house, he may suffering from disease and financial crisis. Native may be suffering troubles through his enemies. He may be wicked by nature.

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